Liking the Lederhose

This week took me to Munich and a large dose of Bavarian culture sprinkled upon a tech event called - somewhat humorously - Bits & Pretzels. Cue "Dirndl dresses" for women, "Lederhose" for men sported readily by the beer swigging entrepreneurs as they networked merrily amid the city's Oktoberfest celebrations.

There was some top tech talent at Bits & Pretzels and I fortunately caught up with one of the keynote speakers - co-founder and CTO of Airbnb, Nathan Blecharczyk. He rolled straight off stage, happily modelling the German leather breeches and stopping for the odd selfie with startup fans, to chat with us about fundraising, emerging market expansion and Airbnb's focus on business travel. Full of energy from his conference address, full of focus from funding-round success, and full of humour enough to do a live interview in his Bavarian beer-hall breeches...I had to hand it to him - he was an impressive interviewee. Think I'd definitely take the shorts over the "dirndl" though.